Taking Action against Injustice

The Reibstein Law Group Provides Specialized Legal Advice

Many people don’t realize that just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t mean they know how to properly represent a client. Lawyers are similar to doctors—we have specific fields of specialization. Just as you wouldn’t want an orthopedist to perform your brain surgery, you don’t want someone representing you in a criminal case unless that is their area of expertise. Mr. Reibstein has been working in the criminal justice field for over 10 years in positions as varied as legal assistant, paralegal, Assistant District Attorney, and criminal defense attorney. You can rest assured that when you retain the Reibstein Law Group for your criminal case, you will be getting top-notch expert legal advice. Additionally, Mr. Reibstein’s associates’ specialties lie in diverse fields such as personal injury and commercial bankruptcy. Whatever legal issue you are facing, the Reibstein Law Group can provide the specialized legal services you need. Learn more about our practice areas.

Putting Our Clients’ Needs First

It’s no secret that lawyers don’t have the greatest professional reputation. We’ve all heard countless lawyer jokes. We’ve all heard stories of unsatisfied clients who felt their lawyer strung a case along just to earn more legal fees. Make no mistake about it—the good lawyers are far outweighed by the unethical and mediocre ones. But you can rest assured that Mr. Reibstein has made it his personal mission to counteract the negative lawyer stereotype. The Reibstein Law Group puts their clients’ needs first—above everything else. We want you to feel that justice has been served. Learn more about the Reibstein Law Group.

Contact the Firm Specializing in Criminal Defense

The Reibstein Law Group is a New York City based law firm specializing in criminal defense throughout New York State. We are wholly committed to providing you with the best legal representation possible, at a rate you can afford. To schedule a free consultation at either our Queens or Manhattan offices, please call (347) 553-0783, or e-mail us through the Contact Us form.